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Now and forevermore! Thank you for visiting the Scripture Craftsman website. Contact us at your earliest convenience  to get started.

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Spark Spiritual Conversations and Connections

Get reminded of the word of God with the unique spiritual novelty items by Scripture Craftsman. Specializing in both edible and nonedible scripture arrangements in 3D, we offer a plethora of products that spark meaningful conversations and connections. Visit our online shop and see products you'll surely love. Welcomed to donate any love gift amount knowing that your support makes a difference in the lives of those in need. Servicing local church members, nursing homes, hospital patients, correctional facility inmates, homeless shelters, student debt cancellation program, humane society and plenty more just by simply supplying edible & nonedible arrangements in three-dimensional form. All authentic pieces are specifically designed to help create and develop interest in reading biblical text.

We ship anywhere from our Saint Louis, Missouri location via Usps.


"My mission is to teach the art of life through Christian employment, education, and ministry."

"Hello, men and women of God! I'm the Scripture Craftsman! A new home-based business owner, freelance novelty artist, 3D printing specialist, and silicone mold maker. During college, I found myself struggling to memorize biblical text while attending a bible study session. 

The good news is, I now have the solution to that problem and would like to share it with you. I have manufactured a unique product that allows you to instill God's holy word in your mind, body, and spirit.

As the Scripture Craftsman, I offer you a wide range of patented/copyrighted products that are edible and non edible scripture based novelties that you may cherish for generations. The entire selection of items have an original three dimensional scripture shape and surface ornamentation with raised or sunken relief text.  Currently creating the following Scripture based products: grocieries, produce, bath and body hygiene care, prepared foods, catering,  beverages and 


Have you thought about serving breakfast, lunch and dinner today? What about frying, baking, boiling, steaming, roasting, freezing and even grilling

some of your favorite appetizers, main courses,

entres and dessert? Well your more than welcome to try our multi-use silicone molds and nonstick cookware items that are all handcrafted to the right specifications to create your favorite buffet delicacies. Check out some apparel, awards, accessories and even case coverings formed inside/out of most of your favorite items to various three dimensional sculpted verses.

Whether you're looking for scripture novelty items for yourself or someone dear to you, Scripture Craftsman is the place to be.Your love gift amount provides you the tangible products with several approaches on reading the bible through its entirety. It's imperative and urgent to know that these suggestions are in place to enable you the reader to locate specific verses that point to basic truths quickly and easily as you go on your spiritual journey in times of need.

Browse through the shop and choose the arrangements and novelties you'd like to order. All products are shipped from Saint Louis, Missouri. 

Currently following all safety guidlines and protocol to insure that our company and customers are safe and at optimal health while creating a desired product guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

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Love gift amount

Donations go toward

charity as a one time or reoccurring payment. Rest assured we provide gauranteed products and services that help those in need and your support is vital to Scripture Craftsman LLC.

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